Advantages of Soil and Tissue Data Compilation


1. Aid in establishing a better fertilization management program

  A. Over or under fertilization may result from using standard application rates such as those show on fertilizer bags. General ranges are too broad to satisfy the needs of every course. For example, nitrogen requirements are from 12-24 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. Too much or too little can cost more money in the short or long term.

  B. Significant potential savings can be realized from an individual approach, which results in more cost-effective fertilization schedules/application rates.

2.  Promote improved Best Management Practice Program (BMP).  Along with construction, watering, and pest control, fertilization is a key part of BMP.  Again, cost savings can be substantial with more precise fertilizer application rates/schedules.

3. Detect potential nutrient deficiencies via leaf analysis early before visual symptoms appear. Soil Analysis for these same nutrients does not always adequately indicate their availability to plants.

4. We offer several economical packages to choose from.